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Publishing a test

Step 1:

The first step to publishing a test or quiz is to first create the test or quiz. If you have not created your test or quiz yet learn how to create a new test or quiz here.

If you have already created your test or quiz, continue to step 2.

Step 2:

Add questions to your quiz or test. learn how to add questions to a quiz or test here

Step 3:

Get to the quiz settings page to adjust the quiz or test settings

How to get to the settings page

  • From the My Quizzes page select the settings or gear icon
  • Or from the My questions page select Quiz Settings
  • Or from the Quizzer’s Panel select Manage Quiz

Step 4 – On the quiz settings page

There are four (4) sections on the quiz settings or manager page, which are:

  1. Start Page settings
  2. Behaviour settings
  3. Publish settings
  4. Experimental or New settings

1. Start Page Settings

In the Start Page section, you can:

  • Edit or change the Test Title
  • Edit the Introductory text, and also make it look good with the visual editor
  • Add a Welcome image by clicking the set or change image to upload and/or select an image, this image is also displayed when the test link is shared on social media. This is optional
  • Select a suitable category
  • And optionally add or edit the Start Button Text, if noting is added Start CBT Test will be displayed instead.

2. Behaviour Settings

In the Behaviour section, you can:

  • Edit the Test Duration – this is the time that is allocated to each scholar per attempt, the test is terminated when the time is up. you can set the Test Duration to 00:00:00 to disable countdown and make the test run indefinitely.
  • Edit the Questions Allowed – per attempt. Enter 0 if you want to serve all questions during the live test.
  • Adjust the Number of trials allowed per scholar. Enter 0 for unlimited attempts.
  • Select the Question Order

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