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My Quizzes

Where are my quizzes/tests?

The My Quizzes page provides you with a quick overview and effective control panel to view, edit and manage all your quizzes and tests.

To Locate My Quizzes page goto https://quizzerweb.com.ng/host/quizzes

On the My Quizzes page, you can navigate to the other section of the Test builder specific to a quiz or test by using the action menu.

Similar to the image above are action buttons attached to each test on the My Quizzes page.

  • The Play icon – Opens the live test page.
  • The Edit or Pen icon – Opens the My Questions page for question management.
  • The Settings or Gear icon – Opens the settings and quiz management page for that test/quiz. Learn more about publishing a test/quiz from the settings page.
  • The Results or Pie icon – Opens the Result Manager for that test/quiz.

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