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Uploading questions

You can write questions offline in a spreadsheet file and upload it into tests and quizzes.

After you upload the file, you can edit and use the questions exactly like the questions that you create from the Create Question page.

Before you begin

  • The questions and the file you want to upload must meet the guidelines detailed in this topic.
  • Questions that contain error will fail to upload. Questions without errors will upload successfully.
  • The system doesn’t check for duplicate questions.
  • Uploaded questions automatically default to the point value that they’re assigned when uploaded. If you didn’t set a default value, questions will automatically have a point value of one. You’ll have to add a point value for each question if you want a different point.

Create a question file to upload

File format guidelines

You can upload any of this supported spreadsheet format
  • (.ods) – Open Document Format/OASIS
  • (.xlsx) – Excel Workbook or Office Open XML Excel 2007 an above
  • (.xls) ’97 – BIFF 8 Excel ’97 and above
  • (.xls) ’95 – BIFF 5 Excel ’95
  • (.xml) – SpreadsheetML Excel 2003
  • (.csv) – Comma Separated Values

Spreadsheet layout

In the upload template above.

  • Question 1 is an example of Multiple choice question.
  • Question 2 is a sample of Fill in the blank question.
  • Question 3 is an Essay/Free text question.

Download and Check the Uploads template above for proper understanding.

Upload Guide

General Instructions
  • The Row (1) and Column (A) of the spread sheet should be left blank, any text there will not be uploaded
  • Column (A) can be used for numbering or be left blank as the system will number the questions automatically
  • Column (B) for Topic text, topic no can also be entered (get the topic number from the admin topics page)
  • Questions starts from -> column (C)
  • Column (K) is for point(s) the number of point awarded for each question, leave blank to default to 1

All question types can be added through the spreadsheets, but guidelines must be duly followed

For Multiple choice questions

  • Options (A-E) -> from Column (D-G)
  • If you don’t need Option E for your Quiz, Leave column (H) blank
  • Correct Option goes to column (I) (rep with letters A,B,C,D,E only)
  • Column (J) for explanation ,if any

For Fill in the blank questions

  • Column (D,E,F,G,H) must be left blank (i.e no text)
  • Correct answers goes to column (I)
  • Multiple correct answers possible. Place each correct answer on a new line (Alt+Enter) in the same cell
  • Column (J) for explanation ,if any
  • Column (L) for % of typos allowed (required)
  • Enter (True or 1) in column (M) if answers are case sensitive, else enter 0, False, or leave blank

For Free text (essay/theory) questions

  • Column (D,E,F,G,H, and I) must be left blank (i.e no text)
  • Column (J) for explanation, explanation text is compulsory for this question type
  • Note: Free text questions are only suitable for study mode, they will be awarded as bonus point if included in CBT mode because responses to free text questions cannot be accurately verified
  • Therefore, essay questions will not appear in CBT mode by default.
  • Enter (True or 1) in column (M) if you want to include this question in CBT mode (for bonus points), else enter 0, False, or leave blank

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