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Editing a question

How to edit or update a question in your quiz or test?

To update questions in your quiz or test, from your my questions page:

  1. Navigate to the question to be edited.
  2. Select the Edit button.
  3. You can change the question type by selecting the Change or convert question type option – quizzerweb’s test builder supports 3 question types, you can learn more about question types here, the questions will be migrated as much as possible but not perfectly.
  1. Adjust the question in the question field, you can use the visual editor to style your question
  2. Also, fill in the options or correct answers and explanation as appropriate for your chosen question type. Learn more about question types here
  3. You can also add images to the questions, options and explanation by using the Add Image button below each field.
    Learn more about adding images to questions here
  4. If you have a topic, subject or section name for the question, type it in the Topics field or select one of the previous ones. It is optional.
  5. Use the Points field to alter the mark or score attached to this question, it is 1 mark by default.
  6. Turn on or off the Use question in CBT mode switch to make the question available or not during live attempt of the quiz/test by the student.
  7. Finally click
    • the save button to save the question and go back to the My Questions page.
    • the save and continue editing button to save the edited question and come back continue editing.
    • the cancel button to discard the current question and head back to the My Questions page.

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