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Taking a test

Although, navigating quizzerweb.com.ng is very easy, but for those who are not that familiar with surfing the internet or talking online tests this guide will be of great help

Step 1 – Sign in to your quizzerweb account

To sign in to QUIZZERWEB open the sign in page and follow on screen instructions.

Learn more about sign-ups and account creation here

Enter your email address and password or use the social sign in option

You can also manually create a new account by clicking on the create account option

Step 2 – Choose a Test

If you have a test link already, just open it in your favorite browser and skip to step 3.

The fastest way to finding an appropriate test is by using quizzerweb’s search page and selecting one of the displayed results.

Sample search result

Also you can browse through quizzerweb categories or open the Learn Page to see the list of most tests currently available and select CBT mode

Step 3 – Read the test instructions

Now you are on the quiz info page, make sure you sign in if you have not.

Read the test instructions carefully while scrolling down.

At times some tests allows you to alter the timer or turn it off completely, you can also adjust questions to display per page.

Step 4 – Start your test!

Click on the start button

Note: you must be signed in to see the start button

Step 5 – Submit your test

When you are done with the test make sure you submit, if you run out of time the system will automatically submit for you.

Finally – Go through your review and corrections

Make sure you check the corrections to the tests, this will help you learn from your mistakes

Enjoy learning with QUIZZERWEB




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  1. I need to do Biology, English, Chemistry & Physics test for the fort-comming Jamb i want to write

  2. Please I did mth 102 for LAUTECH 100 level, but after finishing the test the subject was deleted immediately. So how can I perform the test again

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